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Division of Human-Computer Interaction

The purpose of our work is to contribute to a sustainable and serene way of living with technology. In a world where IT is constantly present, it is important to understand this presence and how it affects us. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) has often focused on developing new artifacts to visualize and design a future world of information technology. Now we already live with technology around us, so our role as researchers and developers is instead to enhance and embellish our ways of living with technology. Because even though we are in the middle of digitalization and have almost endless possibilities of doing things with the help of IT, there is still a lot that does not work as we wish, and some that even makes it more difficult and causes stress. We want to understand and influence this development.

The division started in the summer of 2019 and is currently expanding, focusing on becoming an important player within research, education, and collaboration at the University of Gothenburg.

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We are part of the Department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg.

The purpose of our work is to contribute to a sustainable and serene way of living with technology. In a world where IT is constantly present, it is important to understand this presence and how it affects us.

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Appademin wants to help researchers at GU with technology development in general and app development in particular. The department for human computer interaction has extensive experience in designing and building various digital services, such as mobile applications and tools for data collection and data analysis.

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The Division of HCI teaches and gives new courses within human computer interaction, interaction design, programming and artificial intelligence. We teach primarily students within information systems and cognitive science, but also give independent courses. We are currently involved in developing the new master program in human centered artificial intelligence.

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Human-Computer Interaction (7.5HP)

This course introduces human-computer interaction, focusing on user-centered design, to students within information systems.

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Design & AI (15HP)

The course deals with AI and machine learning as a design material, and aims to give students skills in thinking about AI when designing and developing new services.

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Programming of mobile apps in Flutter (15HP)

An introductory course to mobile app development. It uses Flutter to develop cross platform applications.

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Cognitive perspectives in Human-Machine Interaction (15HP)

This course gives an introduction and an overview to the field of human computer interaction to students within cognitive science.

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Interaction design and AI (15HP)

The course is a part of the departements new MA program Human Centered AI and deals with interaction design with a focus on artificial intelligence.

Active projects

WFH Movement

Do you think that you are moving more or less since you began working from home?

The Work From Home-app allows you to explore whether your movement patterns have changed after Covid 19 and recommendations to work from home. The app visualizes your movement in the form of steps data from your phone, through Apple Health, Google fitness or Garmin.

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CBPR develops treatments for people with phantom limb pain. We design and develop an app for people to track their pain levels, in order to get help with their treatments as well as for researchers to follow up on how well the methods work.

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Together with RyggmÀrgsskadecentrum Göteborg (Spinal cord injury gothenburg) and researchers at KI, we are developing a mobile application for people with spinal cord injuries who are in wheelchairs. The app uses previous research to show how much energy a person in a wheelchair expends in everyday life.

Showcase image for More Stamina project

More Stamina

More stamina project is a Business Finland-funded project led by Guido Giunti, University of Oulu. The project revolves around the More Stamina App which is an evidence-based task organization tool designed to help persons with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) manage their energy, and attempt to minimize the impact of fatigue in their day-to-day life.

RED Infra reveal

InfraReveal is a tool that allows you to see the data that is exchanged when you use the internet. When we use webpages and apps, they look like one thing. However, behind the scenes, most of the services we use online are made up of many functionalities from different companies, working together to give us the experience of a single service. InfraReveal visualizes what's happening under the hood.

Previous projects

Showcase for Klara Facebook project

Klara Facebook

Up to date, the design of technology is mainly focused on introducing ICT to people over 65 and on designing systems specifically for the older population. Nowadays, the perception that people over 65 find digital technology as something alien, is a myth. Most Swedish in this age-group used technology throughout their working lives, own at least a smartphone, and they navigate through digital forms, payments, and healthcare services. It is not us designing for them anymore, it is us designing for our future selves.

Who are we?

Division of Human-Computer Interaction

We are the Division of Human-Computer Interaction at the Department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg. We have extensive experience in designing, building, and studying technology and its use. The purpose of the department is to contribute to a sustainable and wonderful way of living with technology. In a world where IT is constantly present, it is important to understand this presence and how it affects us.


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